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Hear how JDM can spin new servers in minutes after they chose to outsource their data center to Cloud Factory.


See why Niels Laulund, CEO from CoworkIt, believes that Cloud Factory helps save time and providing a service that makes a difference.


The customers have no doubts. See why 99% of Itino's customers choose to move infrastructure and servers to Cloud Factory's data center.

Toolpack Solutions

This is how our partner portal helps eliminate administration time when over 3000 companies need to be assigned Microsoft licenses.

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Cloud Factory is a Nordic distributor of world-renowned cloud services, NextGen hosting, and infrastructure.

As a pure partner channel, we help IT companies scale their business in the cloud.


"I can deliver cloud services much faster and much better than I could before. For my customers, this means that they consistently get a better product. We experience high technical competence from Cloud Factory, who has extensive experience with their service. The communication between us is professional and beneficial"

Toolpack Solutions:

“We have faced technical challenges a couple of times, which was critical to solve immediately. I called Jacob and said: "We have an emergency". Half an hour later, they were ready with a team that worked hard until the challenge was solved. It's such situations that makes you want to work with Cloud Factory – knowing we're in it together”


"We had a huge project with a customer who had to move 50 virtual servers. We sat on numerous evenings, Me and an employee at Cloud Factory, spend numerous hours outside opening hours moving them so that the customer was not bothered by it. It is great to always be able to get hold of Cloud Factory if we are in a critical situation"


“In the craziest situation, we had a new customer where we immediately had to recreate their entire IT landscape in a short time. The customer could not do that himself. This meant that many Coworkers worked all night - with Cloud Factory on the phone the entire time. When we really need them, they got our backs”

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