Nordic data center

Certified and secure cloud hosting on your terms

The secure choice for your customers' data


Your future scaling can go as high as needed - we have all the space you'll ever need.


Secure your customers' data with backup, disaster recovery, and 24/7 monitoring.


Our ISAE 3402 certification is our assurance to you and your customers.


You get 99.95% uptime, minimal latency, failover and lots of other features that provides a reliable experience.


Get all the help and support you need - everything from questions about your invoice to restoring a VM. 


Our data center is always built with the best, newest, and fastest components.

Migrate everything. Or just a little at a time. 

It is difficult to look 3-5 years into the future. But this is exactly what you must do if you want to invest in a data center. 

With us you don't need to look that far ahead. If you choose to move into our datacenter, you can scale up and down as you please. 

Some IT partners move their entire infrastructure to the cloud. Others choose to combine their own datacenter with ours in the cloud to avoid spending all their money on racks, routers, and firewalls. 

No matter what you prefer, you get plenty of flexibility and unsurpassed scalability in our datacenter.

More secure than on-premise

Our technical set up makes it safer to store your customers' data and infrastructure in our data center - much safer compared to on-premise storage.

Among other things, you get disaster recovery, backup, and not least the physical framework for our data centers. 

Hence, we are always on top of power outages, natural disasters, and cybercrime while keeping your customers' data safe.

3 important considerations about your data center


Violations of your data security often results in serious consequences. At the same time, the requirements for backup and disaster recovery are increasing to avoid permanent data loss.


It is demanding to establish and maintain your own data center as it requires a lot of your employee's time, responsibility, and skills.


The traditional way to buy extra server capacity according to "expected growth" is a difficult task. It can take years before you get a return on your investment.

A digital Fort Knox

Fort Knox was formerly used to store U.S. gold reserves. Your customers' data is the most valuable thing they own. Thus, they deserve to be in a digital ‘Fort Knox’, which checks off all the boxes in security, standards and regulations.

Our data center at GlobalConnect is equipped with:

  • UPSs that ensure stabile power 
  • Redundant diesel generator in case of power failure 
  • Fire protection
  • Redundant cooling system 
  • Access control (e.g., access cards, finger scanners, codes) 
  • Surveillance with alarm, video, and sensors

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