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3 benefits with Dropbox Sign

Faster signing

With Dropbox Sign you can complete the signature signing process up to 80% faster compared to traditional paper contracts.

Better completion rate

Documents sent manually are not always completed. Dropbox Sign has built-in status, reminders, and automated flows which ensure efficient completion of documents.


Add your logo and name to make it clear who the sender is. This increases credibility when sending documents for signature.

Get the signature 80% faster

Dropbox Sign provides faster signatures on sales orders, employment contracts, binding documents, and much more.

The solution is an affordable alternative to, for example, DocuSign, Scrive, GetAccept and Penneo.

Safe process. Complete without errors.

With Dropbox Sign, getting an electronic signature is easy, fast, and secure.

Dropbox Sign is SSL encrypted at the same security level as leading banks and authorities.

Secure electronic signatures can quickly be added to documents, and you can keep the contract where you want it - whether it be in Dropbox, Google, or Microsoft 365.

API to build into your workflow 

You can integrate Dropbox Sign into websites and apps, ensuring a consistent customer experience for both senders and signatories.

The API makes it possible to use templates with data from your systems, so you can make the signing process even faster.

According to G2 Crowd, Dropbox Sign is one of the easiest solutions to implement.

Legally binding signatures

Signatures made in Dropbox Sign are legally binding under the ESIGN Act. This means just as binding as signatures on paper.

In addition, all Dropbox Sign signature requests contain an audit trail that cannot be corrected. This ensures that each action is tracked and timestamped, so you have the documentation in place.

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