Find out how you can start selling ESET and profit from the growing market of IT security. 


Tailored to your business

  • One solution for all your customers
  • Plugins for many RMMs
  • Web-based license console
  • API integration for your systems

Save time and resources

  • Easy ordering of licenses
  • Automated security management
  • Minimal burden of support
  • Fast onboarding of new customers
  • Immediate change of licenses

Achieve better finances

  • Lower prices when you sell more
  • Daily consumption settlement
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Great sales opportunities
  • Multiple security solutions in one

More than 100 million users worldwide can't be wrong: ESET is at the forefront of IT security.

ESET has the whole package of solutions for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. With ESET 2FA, disk encryption, and lots of other features, you can meet most customers' data security needs.

ESET is complete protection

  • Endpoint protection
  • File server security
  • Full disk encryption
  • Cloud sandbox
  • Email security
  • Cloud app protection


… of Danish companies have been exposed to at least one security incident within the most recent accounting period.

Source: PwC Cybercrime Survey, 2020

Options with ESET PROTECT

ESET PROTECT - Endpoint Portal -
Endpoint Protection* -
File Server Security** -
ESET LiveGuard Advanced -
ESET Full Disk Encryption - -
ESET Cloud Office Security Portal - -
ESET Mail Security - -

* Includes ESET Endpoint Security and Antivirus for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android.

** Includes ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, and Microsoft Azure.

Your benefits as an ESET reseller

Attractive price model

Your price is based on your usage. Every day, the system counts how many active seats you have. The sum is paid at the end of the month. The more you sell, the better prices you get on seats and thus you may earn more.

Sales and marketing support

As an ESET reseller, you have access to a large library of product info, brochures, and webinars. In addition, it is possible to be get marketing development funds for ESET campaigns.

Training and education

You get access to ESET's training portal with courses for product, sales, and marketing. Whether you need to be an expert yourself, or simply pass on content to your customers, you always have access to the most important knowledge.

ESET Protect Cloud

Your dashboard to manage security across all customers, networks, and devices

  • Immediate status of network security
  • Automatic resolution of security events
  • Manage devices, servers, and mobile devices
  • Full disk encryption and cloud sandbox management
  • Flexible reporting and configuration of policy templates

Full overview

With Protect Cloud (ESET's dashboard) you can monitor the customer's entire network from a single screen. With automated reports, as well as interactive charts and tables, you get a simple overview of how secure the network currently is. From your dashboard, you can furthermore get a status of the individual devices and security threats.

Safe and simpel

You get notifications so you can react immediately in case of lurking security threads. At the same time, you get automated functions such as set up, upgrades, and handling of certificates. It is easy to add an extra layer of protection, such as ESET Dynamic Threat Defense, which prevents ransomware and unknown security holes.

Easy to use

Setting up and managing the security of many devices is easy no matter where you are. For example, you can configure security solutions with connected devices or automate policies and tasks for specific computers or dynamic groups. In short, you have everything at hand, which makes it easy to ensure the highest level of IT security with your customers.

Curious about ESET?

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