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We spoke to Niels Laulund, CEO of CoworkIt.

Here you can read more about the benefits and the reasons for choosing Cloud Factory as a distributor.

What services do you sell at CoworkIt?

- It is typically hosted solutions, IaaS, as well as licenses for Microsoft, Acronis, and ESET, which we get delivered through Cloud Factory and sell on to our customers.


Why did you choose Cloud Factory?

- There are particularly two things we are looking for. First, it is important that they are service-minded. Second, they need to know their stuff. In that order. Of course, Cloud Factory must be skilled, which they are. But it is more important to me that we are taken seriously and that they are available when we need answers, help or sparring. These are some of the reasons why we have been at Cloud Factory since 2017.


What do you get out of Cloud Factory's partner portal?

- The partner portal that Cloud Factory has developed has become really cool. We save time. There are not a lot of sub-processes. The portal saves us a lot of implementation and execution. And that makes it easy for our Coworkers to buy and deploy all the products for our customers. We save time - and time is money.

Is it easy to get help?

- Definitely, and that is an important reason for the close collaboration with Cloud Factory. Many in the CoworkIt network are smaller IT companies who may have difficulty getting the same attention from a large distributor. With Coud Factory, we can call the people we need to talk to anytime. They pick up the phone. We are not just a number. That is the most important thing. Yes, they are super knowledgeable within their field, they know their stuff, but first and foremost, they have a high level of service, and that's super important to us.


Do you have examples?

- In the craziest situation, we had a new customer, where we immediately had to recreate their entire IT landscape in a short time. The customer could not do that himself. This meant, among other things, that we were many Coworkers who had to work all night, and we had Cloud Factory on the phone almost all night as well. So, when it really burns, then it's a very good example that they indeed got our backs.


Do you get anything from the collaboration?

- Cloud Factory has a lot of knowledge that helps us communicate better about our services. We gain insight into new trends and upcoming cloud solutions. They are up to date and are good at briefing us so we can better speak into the issues our customers are going to face tomorrow.


  • CoworkIt is a dealer network of local IT partners
  • 40 IT partners throughout Denmark
  • 7,000 customers
  • Head offices in Søborg and Viborg

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