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Help your customers work more efficiently. Dropbox Business is a sales booster with great partner benefits for MSPs.

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Dropbox is one of the world's most widely used file sharing solutions. But over the years, the platform has developed into much more than most people realize.

The rapid development of technology has led to a sea of platforms and apps causing a cluttered and noisy workday. Surveys show that we switch between apps every six minutes! Thus, our work is scattered across several platforms without coherence.

Dropbox has developed into a digital hub that unites all file types with all the platforms. The neat workspaces in Dropbox create order in chaos and bring the focus back to the most important thing: efficient work.

Dropbox Business
streamlines your workflow

Integrates with all apps

Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, Slack … No matter which apps your customers use today, you can integrate them into Dropbox Business and ensure better collaboration between colleagues and external teams.

Easy to use

Did you know that Dropbox has more than 700 million registered users? That many people can't be wrong!

With its familiar design and simple functionality, Dropbox has always been easy to use. And it works effortlessly!

Designed for focus

An extensive amount of work hours is wasted switching between apps and programs. Dropbox gathers all your work in one place via Smart Workspaces, allowing you and your customers to focus on the work at hand.

Connect your tools

With Smart Workspaces in Dropbox, you can connect any file to any tool.

Dropbox is built with an open ecosystem that connects Microsoft 365, Google, Salesforce, Adobe, Slack, Zoom as well as many of the other best tools on the market. This means that you save time and avoid losing focus because you no longer have to switch between different platforms and apps. 

It also provides a great alternative to Microsoft Teams, which prioritizes the Microsoft ecosystem and makes it difficult to connect with other tools.

Better overview of folders and files

It is easy to lose track when several people work together on a project. Who has the latest version of the presentation? When was it last updated? What do we need to finish, and who is responsible?

Dropbox Spaces turns your folders into workspaces where you can add descriptions that provide folders better context. You can also keep track of activities on each file, so you know when content has been opened, updated, or changed.

No more searching for emails, chats, and team notes to stay updated on a project. Dropbox Spaces saves your team time and frustration.


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Microsoft 365 integrations

Office 365 integration

Simultaneous editing is an integration that enables multiple employees to work together in Office 365 at the same time.
Changes are automatically saved in Dropbox so that documents do not have to be sent back and forth. The Dropbox icon shows who opened a file and gives you the latest version with a single click.

Outlook integration

With this integration you can send shared links to Dropbox files and save attachments from Outlook emails directly in Dropbox.

Dropbox Extension

Send files from Dropbox to Teams by specifying recipients or groups - without leaving Dropbox.


Find, share, and gather feedback on your work in Dropbox directly from Microsoft Teams.

Dropbox Sign: electronic signature

The process of getting a signature is somewhat difficult. It can often take days before a contract is sent, signed, and returned.

With Dropbox Sign, securing an electronic signature is quick and easy. At the same time, it is safer. Dropbox Sign is SSL encrypted at the same security level as leading banks and authorities.

Secure electronic signatures can quickly be added to documents, and you can store the contract where you want it - whether it be in Dropbox, Google, or Microsoft.

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