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We spoke with Allan Bjørngaard, CCO at Toolpack.

Here you can read more about the benefits and the reasons for choosing Cloud Factory as a distributor.

Why did you choose Cloud Factory?

- We needed deeper technical competencies about Microsoft services, which we have easy access to via Cloud Factory. In addition to the technical ability, we were looking for a distributor who matches our way of working. We clearly feel the benefits of an equal partnership and collaboration.


Other reasons?

- There are other large, international distributors. But we think it is important to stand together for a Danish distributor like Cloud Factory, who makes a difference for its partners and their customers in this country. It is very important to us when we choose partners.


What do you get out of Cloud Factory's partner portal?

- It is easy to set up customers and assign licenses in the partner portal. Cloud Factory has also developed, where customers can access their own licenses if they wish. Hence, it's fast to onboard new customers on the Microsoft platform.


Anything else to say about the partner portal?

- It is clear to us that Cloud Factory is investing in developing their partner portal. At the same time, they are responsive, so we can give our feedback and influence the development.

Is it easy to get help?

- I experience that Cloud Factory goes to great lengths to help us whenever we may need it. We enjoy the dialogue and easy access to their employees. When we have questions from customers, support cases, or other instances, we have a direct number. Proximity and direct contact are important parameters for us.


Do you have examples?

- Yes, we have a couple of times faced a technical challenge, which was critical to solve immediately. Then I called Jacob, the CCO, and said: "We have an emergency". Half an hour later, they were ready with a team that worked hard until the challenge was solved. This is something that makes you want to collaborate with Cloud Factory.


Do you get anything else from the collaboration?

- In addition to the technical support and the platform, we also receive commercial support from Cloud Factory regarding sales and marketing, where we work together to develop campaigns and offers that create value. We experience having a partner where we make each other better.


Where does the arrow point for Toolpack?

- The future looks bright. There is a large influx of customers, and we are developing our business, which is largely built around Microsoft services. We've been a Microsoft reseller for a few years now, and it's one of the areas we can see that builds up the business the most. I think this is partly because we succeed in creating coherence between the technologies and the business value.


  • Toolpack Solutions has 15 employees at home in Copenhagen at the last headcount
  • Specialists in Power BI, Teams, and Microsoft 365
  • More than 3,000 companies are customers

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