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Who is Cloud Factory?

Cloud Factory A/S is a Danish distributor of NextGen hosting, infrastructure as well as some of the world's best cloud solutions from Microsoft, Dropbox, Acronis, and ESET.

Today, we are more than over 40 employees, 240+ IT partners, and the fastest growing (out of five) Microsoft distributors in Denmark.

Why are we here?

Cloud distributors had long been limited to a few, very large international players. We felt there was a lack of a real alternative: a Danish distributor driven by developing its partners - in a Babushka consisting of insight into the IT partners' challenges, common sense, and greater openness than you are used to. We took on that task.


We are a company with a chill and informal environment. With us, full transparency is important in everything we do. That is why everyone is seen and heard - whether you are an apprentice or a manager.

There is full speed ahead, where we all contribute to creating value for our IT partners. But even though we are a small company in great growth, we do not forget the focus on well-being and personal development.. 

Health, fun, and well-being

We support employee health and well-being in working life as well as in private life by offering a variety of opportunities to promote a healthy, social, and active lifestyle.

  • Free fruit
  • Free health insurance
  • Free membership at the local gym
  • Team in CS: GO in HK Colleague-league
  • Slot machine with 500+ games

Meet the team

We hide no one. See who you may get as a colleague.

We take responsibility

Cloud Factory actively takes responsibility in including people with mental, physical, or social challenges.

We have 5 employees in small jobs in collaboration with Varde Municipality and the Code of Care.

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