How to become partner

It is quite simple to switch cloud distributors. We do most of the work for you - and help with everything else.


It free of charge to join the (benefial) club. 

Does it cost anything to become a partner at Cloud Factory?

No, it is free – both becoming a partner and being a partner. No start-up costs. No subscription. And no mysterious fees. With us, you only pay for the cloud services you sell to your customers.

How do I benefit from having Cloud Factory as a distributor?

You get numerous benefits by having us as your distributor. We help you with licensing advice, incentives, sales and marketing materials, campaign support, support, and much more.

Can I become part of Microsoft's Partner Program?

We always check whether it is worthwhile for you to become part of Microsoft's Partner Program. It depends on several parameters. For example, how much you sell for and which areas of expertise and certifications you have. Get our help to choose what solutions is best for you.

100 % partner

No commitment

24/7 support

Partner Portal

100 % Danish

Pay as you go


Your customers won't notice that you are changing distributors.

How do I transfer my customers' licenses?

Our Onboarding Team does most of the work of moving your customers' licenses. All you must do is authorize your customers with the link sent from Microsoft's Partner Center. The approval takes 30-60 seconds per customer (a bit trivial but easy).

Is there any downtime if we change distributors?  

No, your customers will not notice the change. All licenses are moved instantly to us from your current distributor. The Microsoft licenses themselves does not change. Thus, no downtime.

Does it cost anything to transfer customers' licenses?

It costs nothing to move your licenses. And you don't pay "double" on the day we move your licenses either. We also make no demands on how many licenses you have. With us, you only pay for the licenses you sell.

Want to partner with us?
It is easy.

1. We check

First, we check whether you are already an Indirect Reseller at Microsoft. If not, you will get help to become one.

We also check whether it is in your interest to become part of Microsoft's Partner Program. There can often be several options hidden.

2. You approve

Next you must approve us as a distributor (Indirect Provider) in Microsoft's Partner Center.

Then you must approve your customers with a "reseller relationship". It only takes 30-60 seconds per customer.

3. We migrate

Our Onboarding Team helps you move all Microsoft licenses from your current distributor.

We also help transfer Azure or subscriptions - either from a distributor or credit card.


We help move and manage all your licenses.


Can I move all my Microsoft licenses?

Yes, you can transfer all your Microsoft licenses to us. For example, Office 365, Dynamics, Power BI, and Azure. We ensure that your licenses expire with your current distributor and remove auto-renew, so you avoid paying twice. During the transfer, we also clean up unused licenses when we import them into our portal.

Can I collect other licenses from you?

Yes, we are also distributor of Acronis, Dropbox, Dropbox Sign, ESET, Keepit, and Exclaimer. If you are already a reseller of one of these cloud services, you get many benefits transferring the licenses to us. Among other things, our commercial sparring, campaign support, and technical support.

What do I do if we have Azure on a credit card?

We can help move your Azure from credit card to Microsoft CSP. This equals better prices for you, incentives, easier provisioning (via our Partner Portal) as well as support and help from us. You also avoid the Azure service suddenly shutting down if a credit card fails or expires (it's been seen before!).

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Our Onboarding Team helps you get started - and safely to the finish line.

Who will help me with onboarding? 

You will be assigned a permanent contact person from our Onboarding Team who will help you every step of the way. Your contact person provides an overview of the process and next step.

How do you ensure a good process for me?

Our Onboarding Team works from a fixed process to move your licenses correctly and without problems. Before we start, we agree on all the details together so that the migration takes place at the best possible time for you.


With our invoice data, you save time and trouble sending out invoices.

Do I get invoice data for our ERP system?

Yes. We send you csv and xml files with all the necessary information to invoice your customers correctly. The files are compatible with most ERP systems, including e-conomic and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

How do I invoice my customers correctly?

You manage the prices and profit for each customer yourself through our Partner Portal. Based on your prices, we deliver the necessary data set so that you have all the necessary information to invoice customers correctly, quickly, and easily.

Where do I get the invoice data from? 

You get all invoice data though our Partner Portal, which makes it super easy to create invoices. Most partners find that they save a lot of time and effort on invoicing compared to before.


You get competent Danish and English support 24/7 from our team of specialists.

How quickly can I get support?

General questions and inquiries to our support take place between 8 am and 4 pm on weekdays. If you experience major errors or breakdowns, you can of course contact us 24/7 all year round. We always answer the phone - and quickly as well. The average waiting time for our support is only 13 seconds.

How do I contact support? 

You contact our support by email and telephone. And there is only one number and one email you'll ever need. If you contact support, we automatically create a case so you can easily follow the progress.

How good is Cloud Factory's support?

When a support case is closed, we ask partners to rate the help they received. Measured over the past year, our support has received an overall rating of 4.7 on a scale from 1-5. The high level of satisfaction says everything you need know about the quality of our support.

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