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We spoke with Carsten Dahl, the owner and IT consultant at Itino.

Here you can read more about the benefits and the reasons for choosing Cloud Factory as a distributor.

What services do you sell?

Infrastructure as a Service, virtual servers, Microsoft CSP, Dropbox, and backup solutions from Acronis. Pretty much everything Cloud Factory sells, we sell.

- The collaboration started around Infrastructure as a Service, where we together with Cloud Factory have a value offer that is getting better and better, and where we are experiencing increasing demand.


Why do customers choose to migrate to Cloud Factory's data center?

- We usually present two options: one option is that the customer invests in servers and take on operating costs themselves. The second option is to move their infrastructure to Cloud Factory’s data center. We experience that 99% of our customers choose the servers from Cloud Factory.

- Although it is not necessarily cheaper, customers want peace of mind that they do not risk crashes or hard drives needing to be replaced. It also dawns on customers how expensive it would be to buy the same services and performance they can get through Cloud Factory's data center.

Do customers choose partial or full migration of the infrastructure?

-We experience both. Some customers face a total replacement of hardware, and they move it all into the cloud, instead of investing in new iron. It is simply too expensive to buy a redundant set up of servers and hardware.

- Other customers already have physical servers. For example, we have a customer who had to get a new ERP solution. The solution could easily be on the old hardware, but the customer wanted a 100% reliable solution. So, it was moved to Cloud Factory's infrastructure. Once you have experienced how well it works, customers often move the rest when the next replacement is due.


What do you get out of Cloud Factory's Partner Portal?

- In the Partner Portal, we can - live - add more CPUs and RAM to customers' infrastructure solutions without having to restart the server, which is probably the best thing you can wish for. This means that we do not have to schedule the work on evenings or weekends. Instead, we do it exactly when the need to adapt the customers' infrastructure arises.

- At the same time, it has become easy to handle Microsoft licenses meaning that every employee can modify the customers' licenses. The workflow in the portal is constantly getting easier and easier, so we save a lot of time. We also have several larger customers who order licenses directly through the moment the need arises.

Is it easy to get help and support?

- We are quite independent. But we can easily get hold of certain employees in the support who know our company and the cases we work on. They always answer within a short period of time.

- Cloud Factory works the same way as us. They have grown over the years, but we still find that we have the same close relationship. We have never experienced this in others.


Do you have examples?

- We had a huge project with a customer who needed 50 virtual servers moved. We sat several evenings, me and an employee at Cloud Factory, and moved them outside of opening hours so the customer didn’t notice anything.

- Some matters can wait. But if we urgently need to have a server restored, it is not enough to have to tell the customer that they need to wait until we - or our suppliers - open the next day. Hence, it is nice that we can always get hold of Cloud Factory if we are in a critical situation.


Why did you choose Cloud Factory?

- We have probably been too small for the big distributors. For example, there were no joint campaigns, and no commercial sparring. It was also difficult to get help and often we had to contact foreign support departments.

- At Cloud Factory, we experience advice and a willingness to help us with our business through campaigns, sales materials, local support and much more. We experience a sparring that we have not experienced before.


How did the migration from your previous distributor take place?

- When we switched to Cloud Factory, they took care of the entire migration from our previous distributor, so we didn't have to do anything.


  • Itino has its home ground in Skive in Denmark
  • Approximately 10 employees at the last headcount
  • Specialists in infrastructure, IT security, telephony, and Microsoft 365
  • Over 300 small and large companies are customers of Itino

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