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Benefits as a reseller

Easy to manage

Get paid to design and manage your customers’ email signatures – or let your customers manage their own solution.

Effective implementation

Rapid deployment to the customer's organization from the cloud via Azure AD. Thus, no local challenges.


Value-added sales

Exclaimer does not require a lot of working hours. Yet it makes a big difference for your customers.

Exclaimer is a logical upsell solution for Microsoft 365

Companies send thousands of emails. All emails contain a signature, which in many cases is controlled from the individual employee's computer.

With Exclaimer, you can help customers standardize email signatures and secure yourself a logical upsell opportunity every time you sell Microsoft 365.

3 advantages with Exclaimer


No more DIY signatures that do not align with the company brand. Deliver the right information with a consistent look every time.


Advanced security across devices. No email is redirected outside the company's servers.


Exclaimer makes it easy to update all employees' email signatures without having to use the IT department.

How Exclaimer works

Easy. Efficient. Exclaimer.

With Exclaimer, it is simple and efficient to create uniform email signatures.

Add the email signature automatically and avoid having each employee creating and maintaining their signature themselves. Exclaimer saves you and the customers time and trouble.

Centralize email signatures  

Design and manage customers' email signatures centrally from Exclaimer's portal.

You can assign different email signatures to different employee groups and create as many email signatures as needed.

Exclaimer can be integrated with Outlook in Microsoft 365 and G suite, and works across PC, tablet, and mobiles.

Drag & drop 

You can design email signatures from scratch with the drag and drop editor or use one of Exclaimer's many templates.

Add contact information, logos, images, and links to website and/or social media.

Sell more. Earn more.

Exclaimer is not just for standard email signatures. Here are some upgrades that add value to the customers.


  • Add advertising banners directly into email signatures

  • Plan email signatures to align with marketing campaigns

  • View dashboard for engagement analytics such as impressions and clicks


  • Add surveys directly into email signatures

  • Get higher response rates with easy-to-use surveys

  • Gain insight into an analysis dashboard with survey responses.

Meeting booking

  • Add automatic meeting booking directly in email signatures
  • Connect to your Outlook calendar
  • Allow team members to define the days and times they want to be available for bookings

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