Microsoft GDAP transition

Starting May 22, 2023, Microsoft will begin to deprecate DAP-based customer access and transition to GDAP with limited Azure Active Directory roles.

Not transitioned to GDAP yet? We've released a migration tool to help you bulk migrate customers from DAP to GDAP with just a few clicks!

Two options

See and compare two different ways to transition to GDAP


1. Microsoft-driven transition

Starting 22 May 2023, Microsoft begins the transition to GDAP, giving you default roles. 


This is what happens:

  • You'll get 9 default roles (see list)
  • DAP is removed after 30 days
  • June freeze period


2. Cloud Factory transition

Use our migration tool to bulk migrate all your customers from DAP to GDAP in minutes.  


This is what happens:

  • You'll get 18 recommended roles (see list)
  • DAP is automatically removed in July
  • You're not impacted by the June freeze period


We have added roles based on Microsoft GDAP recommendations and added Directory Writers and Global Reader for maximum benefit.

9 Microsoft Roles (default)

If you use the Microsoft-driven transition, these are the nine default roles for partners:

  • Cloud Application Administrator
  • Directory Readers
  • Global Reader
  • Helpdesk Administrator
  • License Administrator
  • Privileged Authentication Administrator
  • Service Support Administrator
  • User Administrator

18 Cloud Factory Roles

If you use the Cloud Factory transition, partners get these GDAP-recommended roles: 

  • Authentication Administrator
  • Desktop Analytics Administrator
  • Directory Readers
  • Directory Writers
  • Exchange Administrator
  • Global Reader
  • Groups Administrator
  • Guest Inviter
  • Helpdesk Administrator
  • Intune Administrator
  • License Administrator
  • Message Center Reader
  • Printer Administrator
  • Security Reader
  • Service Support Administrator
  • SharePoint Administrator
  • Teams Communications Support Specialist
  • User Administrator

More info

Get our migration tool on GitHub 

If you haven't transitioned already, we've just released a migration tool to help you bulk migrate customers from DAP to GDAP with just a few clicks!

Head over to our GitHub page where you can download the files and get info about how to use the GDAP Migration Tool.

GDAP ressource center  

Stay up-to-date on granular delegated admin privileges (GDAP) and learn about:  

  • Customer approval
  • Assign Azure AD roles
  • Least privileged roles by task
  • Activity logs
  • and much more ... 


GDAP management tool

Our upcoming management tool makes it easy for you to view all your customers and assign the right GDAP roles.