Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

– Here is everything you need to know

Microsoft are about to make big changes to the Partner Network, which will be renamed to Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.

The changes will affect incentives among others for Microsoft Silver or Gold Partners.

Here you get the complete overview of the most important things you need to know.

What is new in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program?

Microsoft is changing the current Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) from 2009 and replacing it with a new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP).

If you want the brief version, these are some of the most important changes:

  • The "broad" Microsoft Silver and Gold Partner certifications are replaced by 6 areas of competence (solutions partner designation).
  • The new Partner Capability Score requires more from partners with regards to performance, skills, and customer success.
  • The annual price for MCPP is $4,730 - i.e. same price as Gold Partner in MPN.
  • The transition to MCPP begins on October 3rd, 2022. See the most important dates in our timeline

Solutions partner designation

As a Microsoft Partner, you can specialize in one or more of the following 6 areas of competence known as solutions partner designation:

  1. Business Applications
  2. Modern Work
  3. Security
  4. Data & AI (Azure)
  5. Infrastructure (Azure)
  6. Digital & App Innovation (Azure)

The 7th area of competence, Solutions Partner for Microsoft cLoud is only available for partners with all 6 areas of competence.  

You aquire your Partner Capability Score (PCS) through these 6 areas of competences. Each area of competence comes with its own badge, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Partner Center.

The various badges demonstrate which areas you have specialized in and becomes visible for costumers, for example, when they seach for a Microsoft partner-partner.

Goodbye, Silver & Gold. Hello, Partner Capability Score. 

When the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program launches on October 3rd 2022, incentives for current Gold and Silver partners expire. 

In te coming MCPP era, all Microsoft partners start as "Base members" and must earn points to become a "Solutions Provider".


Partner Capability Score is the new standard of measurement

Your status is based on a score from 0 to 100. Microsoft requires a minimum of 70 points in any given area of competence to achieve the new requirements.

The points system is called Partner Capability Score, and below you can see how points are calculated:

Your Partner Capability Score (PCS) is a result of acquired points in three areas:

  1. Performance
  2. Skills
  3. Customer Success

When will the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program launch? 

March 16, 2022

On this day, Microsoft announced the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.


September 30, 2022

This is your last chance to renew legacy competencies (from MPN) and continue with incentives and benefits for 12 months.

To continue getting incentives and benefits, you need to acquire a solutions partner designation.


October 3, 2022

The launch of the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.

You can renew your legacy membership after Ocober 3 2022, but you will lose incentives. You must obtain a solutions partner designation to be able to get incentives AND benefits.


Where can I find our status? 

At the Microsoft Partner Center, look under Membership > Solutions partner

Here, you can find your current score and see if you qualify for MCPP.

This way you can see which areas of competencies and badges you have acquired. You can also see how to earn more points.

Relevant certifications

The new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program requires more specialization and expertise from you as a partner.

On one hand, you need to deliver on sales performance. On the other hand, you must not forget to earn the necessary points through certifications and exams.

You can check available certifications and exams at Microsoft via this link.

Why is Microsoft changing things?

“The changes aim to let all Microsoft partners benefit from the growth experienced from the most successful ones”

Rodney Clark, Channel Chief hos Microsoft

Microsoft partners are growing by an average of 32% [37% revenue growth]. But Microsoft’s data also show that partners who specialize deliver double as much as other partners.

The current Silver and Gold certifications from the Microsoft Partner Network does not reflect where your company is specialized.

The new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program provides the opportunity to promote expertise through Solutions Partner Designation – and thus, a better opportunity to differentiate yourself from other Microsoft Partners.


The new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program asks more from its partners, who in return get the opportunity to differentiate themselves and show customers exactly what they are particularly good at.

MCPP includes more and higher demands, but at the same time, makes it possible to achieve more benefits.

We are ready to help you get ready for the new MCPP.

Just call 53 50 20 20 or book a meeting with us. 


This information is subject to change, and we regularly update the page when we receive new information from Microsoft.




Yes, you can easily continue to sell Microsoft without meeting the requirements of MCPP.

You can remain on legacy (Microsoft Partner Network) until the renewal date. You can then choose whether to switch to the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program or not.


when am I required to have THE MINIMUM of 70 POINTS?

To continue receiving incentives, you must have at least 70 points by the time your membership is renewed after October 3, 2022.

Notice that you will lose incentives on the new program if you do not have at least one Solutions Partner Designation.



Yes, you can for example buy into the Microsoft Action Pack, which you can read more about here.  


Where can I learn more to prepare for THE new REQUIREMENTS?

Microsoft has several exams and certifications available that will help you qualify. Please see the following resources:


HOW does Microsoft define A "NEW CUSTOMER"?

A new customer is a new customer for you, i.e., if an existing Microsoft customer is moved - from one reseller to another - it counts as a new customer.



There are no announcements from Microsoft to change incentives.


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