5 reasons not to run your own data center

It is expensive and time consuming to run your own data center. Only few IT partners get a reasonable return on investment compared to the hassle and ressources it takes. 

Here are 5 reasons why most IT partners do not want to run their own data center:


1. Handling the (inevitable) crash

You shouldn't run a data center for the sake of applause: 

No one thanks you when all is up and running. And everyone scolds you when it crashes.

It requires thick skin to deal with the inevitable datacenter crash. 100% uptime is a myth; even if you're Amazon, Google, or Microsoft.

Make sure to have a plan and procedure in place for downtime. And get ready to drop everything to get back on track. 

2. Large investments

It is expensive to own your data center. Costs rises faster than you can say: "economies of scale".

Servers, storage, switches, networks, and racks are just a some of the equipment you need to add to the oversized shopping cart. You have to buy enough to make sure you have overcapacity to scale and cope with peak loads.

All hardware is paid up front followed by serveral years with depreciations. Furthermore, the fixed costs of power, cooling, and maintenance keeps the price of operating your own data center high even after you have paid of your hardware. 

(Notice your accountant shaking his head in despair.)

3. Updates and maintenance

You need a proactive effort to deliver maximum uptime and stability for customers while avoiding data center crashes.

More specifically, it requires dedicated professionals who can monitor the network and improve it. Every single day.

You must always be one step ahead to make sure the firmware and network are updated to the correct versions.

And service windows must be planned and executed outside opening hours so that they do not disturb your customers' businesses. 

But hey, who has other plans on Saturday nights, anyway?



How IT partners use our data center

Here are 3 examples of how IT partners use our cloud hosting to scale their business.

4. Planning and competencies

What does your company excel at? Is there a natural fit with the competencies it requires to run a data center? 

Perhaps the most important thing when running a data center is this:

Great planning.

If you are not able to think ahead, and see around corners, you will probably run into problems.

At the same time, you need to hire specialists with black belts in servers and networks. Preferably, they should also have a basic understanding of business to be able to figure out the right price of a VM.

You cannot excell at everything.

5. Fear and worry 

This last entry has little to do with dealing with crashes, and everything to do with the fear of when it happens!

Most of the time, things are running smooth. But the fear of a crash can cause nervous twitches for even the most experienced IT architect.

Your mind wanders between whether you should pass on the issue to a colleague or just run and find the best hiding spot during the next crash.

Every effort is made to ensure that the crash never happens.

But it does. Because it's IT.

Running a data center comes with a huge responsibility. And it may result in sleepless nights. 

Want to get rid of the hassle?

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